Monday, October 01, 2007

New Book Celebrates the Rise of Latina Owned Businesses

This article is a reprint of one written by my comadre and Power-Blogger, Marisa Treviño.

New book celebrates rise of Latina-owned businesses
By Marisa Treviño

Texas has the second highest number of Latino-owned firms in the country. So, it stands to reason that Texas would also be home to the second largest number of Latina-owned businesses too.

Texas Latinas are just following the national trend that shows between 1997 and 2006, Latina-owned businesses grew by 121.3 percent.
In fact, as of 2006, there are an estimated 856,782 firms that are 50 percent or more owned by Latinas.

It’s a trend that is still going strong and is being celebrated in a book that was released this month titled Thriving Latina Entrepreneurs in America.

It’s written by Maria De Lourdes Sobrino, a successful Latina entrepreneur who is more well known as the CEO and founder of Lulu’s Dessert, a colorful ready-made gelatina that today is available locally at Wal-Mart and Albertson's stores.

Sobrino highlights her success story as well as the rise of seven other Latinas who have created their own successful businesses ranging from a travel service and construction company to a free newspaper and a promotions business.

It’s said that most everyone has at least one great idea. Well, there’s no better shot in the arm to get busy than reading how other people did it and are enjoying the fruits of their labor.
Thriving Latina Entrepreneurs in America is available online and will hit bookstores the second week of October.

note from Nancy:

Lourdes, aka Lulu, is based in my area of Orange County, California. It's always great to see her out promoting her business and being an inspiration to other Latina entrepreneurs. Gracias Lulu and Felicidades!


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