Thursday, September 27, 2007

Join Me This Sunday Morning on the Radio with Community Review

This Sunday, September 30, at 7am Pacific Time (10am Eastern), I will be the featured guest on L.A. station 92.3 FM’s Community Review with veteran radio personality Josefa Salinas. If you’re in LA, just tune your FM dial to 92.3 Hot Jamz. Those of you out of the area can listen live to streaming audio by visiting

Josefa Salinas, the show’s host, was in the audience this past summer when I delivered the keynote address to the Latina Style Business Series in Los Angeles. According to her, she turned to everyone at her table and said, “THIS woman is coming onto my show!”

Our one hour interview is part of the station’s Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration where inspiring members of the community are profiled.

I promise you’ll be inspired by the program as we cover more than just business. Find out how my parents influenced my success, what advice I’d give to young people, and tips on business and visibility.

Mark your calendar, set your alarm, and be sure to listen to LA’s 92.3 FM this Sunday morning at 7am Pacific/ 10am Eastern. (Remember, you can also listen live by visiting

Love and Visibility,


Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy, I am in Washington DC for the Hispanic Caucus and I got 15 phone calls in the first 30 minutes of the show!!!! you are amazing!! I cant wait to have my "comadre" touch my life.. I am sure to get to my dreams.. with your help!!! muchas gracias. Josefa HOT 92.3

Nancita said...

Thanks so much for your comment. It was great doing the show and I look forward to working with you ! You're an awesome woman and the world needs to know more about you.


Veronica (Ronee) said...

I was on my Sunday morning walk and just happened to catch the last 10 minutes of your show with Susan Orozco! Just that 10 minutes inspired me to go to your website! I am an older Latina single mother raising 2 girls - hopefully setting a example by working in an office during the day and going back to college at night, which at times is very difficult. Listening to the show reminded me why I'm doing this - so that my children can see that as women we can choose our own destinies - we can be "victims" or "Victors". For myself - victorious overcoming past patterns, and with focus & hard work strive to be strong and independent without losing my softer side. Thank you!