Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hispanic Entrepreneur's Toolbox

Check out this great list of 100 resources in the Hispanic Entrepeneur's Toolbox put out by

Both the Loca Diaries (my personal blog) and The Savvy Comadre (you're reading it!) were featured as great resources.

Aren't you curious what the other 98 are? Here is a link to the list- it's very comprehensive and HINT HINT you don't have to be "Hispanic" to benefit from these resources.

Read the list here


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Stand Out and Get Noticed with Spotlight U!

Were you on the 4 countdown calls to celebrate the launch of my new
brand "Viva Visibility" and new program "Spotlight U"? Well, the Viva
Visibility website isn't finished as hoped, but Spotlight U is in full
swing. Register by August 15 and enjoy over $2096 worth of bonuses for no
added charge!

Learn more about Spotlight U here

Listen to the preview calls here:

Call #1 (recorded July 18, 2007)
Why now is a great time to position yourself as an expert and how easy it is
to start

Call #2 (recorded July 23, 2007)
Common Blocks and Obstacles to Claiming Your Expertise

Call #3 (recorded July 25, 2007)
Boosting Your Visibility and Owning Your Credibility

Call #4 (recorded July 31, 2007)
How to Stand Out and SIZZLE as an expert

CLICK HERE to learn more about Spotlight U

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sizzibility Talk Show - Listen Now!

I recently had the honor of being named a “Belle With Balls” by Tuck Self, the Rebel Belle for Bold Self Expression. Tuck is an amazing voice for self empowerment who adds a fun Southern twist to her work. We talked about Sizzibility, creativity, MySpace, and a whole bunch of other things. Tuck confessed that she’s been following me for about a year now, watching my work and my style. Turns out that adding cultural flair to your business is the cool thing to do nowadays!! So whether you like grits or tortillas, listen in as we bond over empowerment, bold self expression, having fun with your work, MySpace, and a whole lot more.

Turn up your speakers and click these links:

Sizzibility Interview
MySpace Interview