Thursday, March 15, 2007

Think You Have What It Takes to be an Expert? Take This Quick Quiz To Find Out

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One of the best, least expensive and most fulfilling ways to market yourself is to cash in on what you know by marketing yourself as an expert.

But not everyone can step up and claim the title of expert. It is something that must be earned. You can quickly assess your current situation and see if you are on the track to calling yourself a recognized expert. It is not only contingent on your knowledge and visibility, but in your comfort sharing that knowledge with others.

Take this quick true or false assessment and let the results guide you to explore this exciting way of marketing yourself and your business.

1. People often come to me with questions that no one else seems to be able to answer.

2. I’ve studied (formally or informally) to raise my level of expertise through reading, classes, seminars, workshops, apprenticeships, on the job experience, or real life experience

3. I’m known as a person who has answers to specific topics.

4. I have a great reputation in my field built on knowledge and credibility

5. I truly enjoy sharing information with others. I don’t feel insecure that others will “steal” my ideas and that I will somehow lose out if I share my expertise.

6. I love the idea of free publicity, effortless marketing, and endless word of mouth referrals.

7. The limelight doesn’t scare me.

8. I have the confidence to tell the world that I am an expert and I don’t feel like a fake or an imposter when doing so.

9. I’m able to condense complicated information into easy to understand chunks. I can translate my expertise into everyday language that the lay person can easily assimilate.

10. I am already well known by many people, I just haven’t flaunted my expertise. I’m ready to show the world that I am the expert they need to connect with!

Ready to score yourself?
Count how many “TRUE” responses you gave.

0-3 TRUE responses: You may not be ready to embark on this journey quite yet. Look back at your “false” responses and see if you can take the steps to overcome those barriers. It may be an issue of accumulating more knowledge, or even feeling more comfortable with yourself.

4-7 TRUE responses: You are on the brink! This is a great place to be and based on your responses you can see what areas you need to work on. You’re so close, you’re just about ready to taste the sweetness of free publicity and effortless marketing.

9-10 TRUE responses: You’ve got it! What is stopping you from launching yourself as an expert? You’ve got the expertise, you’ve got the personality, now what are you waiting for?

A high level of expertise blended with high visibility is what gives someone credibility as a recognized expert. Take your marketing to the next level by finding ways of boosting these elements of your business and life and enjoy the perks that go along with it.

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Award winning businesswoman Nancy Marmolejo turns ordinary business owners into extraordinary entrepreneurs by adding the words “recognized expert” to their titles. With a proven marketing system to boost visibility and well honed coaching skills to get you there, Nancy wants you to release your inner expert and enjoy the perks of free PR, a waiting list of clients, and the credibility you deserve.

Nancy has appeared numerous times on TV, in print, and online as an expert and receives thousands of dollars of free PR simply by sharing her knowledge with others.

Learn how simple it is to market yourself as an expert by visiting Nancy’s website for a free download Release Your Inner Expert! 4 Easy Steps to Market Yourself as THE Expert in Your Field.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

MySpace for Platform Building

What do my college age nieces, my two step-daughters, comedian George Lopez, the punk band X, televangelist Joel Osteen, Bust magazine, some indy filmmakers and artists, activists, and a Native American drum group have in common?

They're all my friends on MySpace!

Last year I posted how a business mentor strongly advised me against doing any marketing on MySpace. I followed her advice. Today, I eat my words.

MySpace rocks for your business. It gives me the feeling of having a little store where people of all ways and means stop by for a chat. I meet new friends through old friends and am able to reach a whole new group of people who may otherwise not know me.

If you thought MySpace was just for teens looking to hook up, think again! In fact, on March 15 I will be part of a teleseminar promoting MySpace as a great way to build your platform. This applies to any business whether you're a consultant, musician, artist, author, or bricks and mortar store.

You can sign up for this free teleseminar by clicking this link.

Visit Comadre Coaching on MySpace
and please... invite me to be your friend!


Teleseminar: Legal Structures and Your Business- What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Join me on Tuesday March 13, 2007 as I interview attorney and legal expert Francisca Gonzalez Baxa on the topic of Legal Structures for your business.

Whether you're a start up, solopreneur, or thinking of incorporating, the information Francisca will share can save you time, money, and even friendships!

If you're reading this before March 13, here is the link:

Register for this even if you can't make the actual time- all participants will get the mp3 audio download and complete word-for-word transcript.

'See" you then!