Wednesday, February 28, 2007

7 Crucial Reasons Why You Need to Market Yourself as an Expert Starting TODAY

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With the phenomenal rise of media outlets such as cable TV, online networks, blogs, podcasts, and more, never before has the demand for quality information been higher. From magazine publishers to bloggers, expert opinion is needed to provide valuable content for listeners, readers, and web surfers.
As a business owner, you can easily become a recognized expert by taking what you already know and using it as a marketing tool. With the right combination of expertise and visibility, you create credibility. And with credibility, doors open.

Here are 7 crucial reasons why you need to market your expertise starting TODAY.

Reason 1: Experts get thousands of dollars of free PR.

Do the math: A ¼ page ad can run hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars in a magazine. Studies show that consumers need several impressions of an ad before they take action, so figure on buying at least 3-5 ads. Factor in the cost of a graphic designer, maybe a PR firm, and you are making a major investment.

On the other hand, a 1-2 paragraph quote in the same paper will cost you nothing and takes up the same amount of room. Not only does it validate you as an expert, but also mentions your business and more info on you. Because it is not paid advertising, the consumer sees it as more credible and legitimate. You earned that recognition through your expertise. The snowball effect begins as new customers and other media outlets learn more about you. An expert is born.

Reason 2: Nothing says CREDIBILITY better than the words Recognized Expert

Once the word is out that you’re a recognized expert, people will treat you differently and new doors will open. Whether you choose to be an expert for a small local market or an international audience, you now possess a higher level of credibility. Inside you may feel the same, but on the outside others perceive you in a higher esteem. Remember that reporter who could never remember your name? Now that you’re an expert, she wants to sit next to you at every networking event and learn more about your business. You’ll find people waiting in line to get to you. Human nature is a funny thing; now you can use it to impress your peers and position yourself as a leader in your field.

Reason 3: As an expert, you have a unique perspective and the world wants to hear it!

You may think there’s nothing new to say about your industry. Perhaps you’re convinced what you have to say isn’t good enough or original. Don’t limit your beliefs with what already exists. You do have something unique to say because no one has said it in your voice, with your style, and with your personality. Imagine if no artist ever painted the human form again because Rembrandt did it so well. By withholding your expertise, you are denying your ideal market the chance to learn from a new perspective.

Reason 4: Information is King!

And you hold the keys to the kingdom. This is the Information Age and your information is not only valued, but is in high demand. From paid speaking engagements to high priced information products, you can reap the benefits from this trend.

Reason 5: Experts save people valuable time.
A downside of the information age is that most people are suffering from information overload. We simply can’t keep up with all that is generated each day. By going public with your expertise, you serve as an information filter. You are taking years of experience and information and condensing it into comprehensible pieces. Rather than someone spending hours exploring websites or buying magazines, one simple article or speech by you may be all they need to grasp a challenging topic. Remember: what comes easily to you doesn’t come easily to others. Use that to your advantage.

Reason 6: Experts get paid more. Lots more…

We all know the law of supply and demand: the more in-demand you are, the less available you are. When your visibility increases, more people are going to want your products or services. Imagine you’re a consultant who charges $150 an hour. You are quoted in a major magazine and flooded with business proposals- more than you can handle. With such an influx, you can now double your hourly rate and people will gladly pay it! Even if you cut down on your work hours, you can still come out ahead. You are now in the position to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted with your newfound fame.

Reason 7: People are already asking you for advice… so why aren’t you leveraging that?

You are brilliant and may not realize to what extent. Think of how many people call or email you with “quick questions”. A quick questions for you is easy… but imagine how much time the person would have to spend searching if you weren’t around? You can start the steps today to use your expertise to market your business in a whole new, exciting, creative way.

Experts come in all shapes and sizes, preferring different forms of free publicity. Maybe some coverage in the local paper or a trade journal is good enough for you, or perhaps you want to be on national TV. Whatever your goals, assess which avenues are best for you and chart the course to make it happen.

With the right combination of expertise, visibility, and credibility, your business can soar to new heights and you may discover a love for the limelight!

About the Author

Nancy Marmolejo is an award winning entrepreneur and recognized expert in the areas of small business marketing, work life balance, and creative thinking. She has appeared in numerous media outlets including, Latina magazine, UnivisiĆ³n TV, and Redbook. Visit Nancy’s website to download a free copy of “Release Your Inner Expert! 4 Easy Steps to Market Yourself as THE Expert in Your Field”


Monday, February 26, 2007

A Great Place for Women Entrepreneurs

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I was recently asked to be a part of an exciting online community for women entrepreneurs. is a brand new resource growing each day with information and tools for women entrepreneurs in all phases of business.

On February 28th and March 6th 2007, they'll be hosting free teleseminars to introduce women to the community and the power it holds for your business. Already they have a Who's Who of experts in just about EVERY area that will affect your business. Check it out!

For Women Entrepreneurs Only:

Would you like to attract the clients with whom you do your best work?
Do you feel overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time?
Do you wish you had more time for family, friends and to do what you love to do?
Are you frustrated trying to juggle all the balls of running a business?
Are you wondering how to take your business to the next level?
Spending time networking with little sales results?

Learn the Secret to:
. focusing on serving your ideal clients,
. working smarter, not harder
. accelerating your profits.
Learn the 3-step Power Partnership™ System – the secret to success! invites you to experience the 1st step.
Creating a Power Partnership With Self™ is to crystallize your passion and purpose.
It is the foundation of living a life of joy and to a rock-solid business.
It enables you to focus and exponentially grow your profits.
It is also the introductory and required module of both our
Transition Academy™ and Entrepreneur Academy™.

Join us on February 28th, 8:00 – 9:15pm EST or
March 6th, 8:00 – 9:15pm EST.
for an introduction to Partnership with Self.
Click here to reserve your seat for this no cost teleclass today.
This is a program you do not want to miss!


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thrill Your Readers With Emotional Headlines

Thanks again to Anita Larson (the Web Muse) for a great tip. I got this one from her new Audio Musings, great short tips emailed directly to you. Sign up on her website, but hold on a second before you go there. First play around with this incredibly fun online tool.

Advanced Marketing Institute's Headline Analyzer

I love this. It's like getting expert feedback in the blink of an eye and shows how tweaking a SINGLE WORD in a headline can pull a much higher emotional response from the reader.

It's simple and fun. You input your headline into the wizard, and it grades you 1-100% on the Emotional Value of your headline. In their words, "...most professional copywriters' headlines will have 30%-40% EMV Words in their headlines, while the most gifted copywriters will have 50%-75% EMV words in headlines."

"A perfect score would be 100%, but that is rare unless your headline is less than five words."

My next guest expert teleseminar is coming up and I was having trouble with the headline. I had a really boring headline- "Legal Structures For Your Business"- so I entered that into the wizard. (BTW, subscribe to my ezine to learn about upcoming teleseminars and more.)

I got a whopping score of 12.50%. That was a nice way of saying my headline stunk.

So I changed it.

2nd Try:
Legal Structures and Small Business:
What Every Entrepreneur Must Know

I slam dunked it with a score of 50.00%. Ka-ching! That is in the expert category. Woo hoo for me!

Then I got curious.
What would happen if I tweaked one word? I changed "must know" to "needs to know".

I entered my new version:
Legal Structures and Small Business:
What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Score: 63.64%!!!

Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching! As sportscaster Chick Herns would say in a Lakers clincher:
"You can put this one in the refrigerator. The door's closed, the light's out, the eggs are cooling, the butter's getting hard and the Jell-O is jiggling."

It's a good thing I work alone.

So if emotional headlines excite you as much as they excite me, head over to this tool and have fun!

Advanced Marketing Institute's Headline Analyzer.

And don't forget to sign up for Anita's Audio Tips!

PS: The headline for this post pulled a score of 33.33%. That is good and now my quest is to improve it!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Smart Marketing FAQs

Looks like I need to add another professional crush to my list... I just found a marketing blog that is so packed full of great info. Gotta get his book. This post is a True/False quiz to test your knowledge on such things as:

1. Print and TV advertising effectiveness and strategies
2. Whether senior citizens are a target market online
3. Why many Latino consumers tend NOT to buy into Rewards Cards programs
4. And much much more!

The article was actually authored by coach Kim T. Gordon, but thanks to Andrew at Web Bubble for putting it in the mix. His other posts are really great and he's an engaging writer.

You can link to the article here.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Latino Spending Power Growing as Kid Numbers Increase

Thanks to comadre Martha Barrios, CEO of Frijolitos, Inc for sending me a link to this LA Times article where her company is mentioned as a trendsetter in bilingual toys for kids.

From the LA Times:

For the first time, Latinos — the largest and fastest-growing minority group in the country at 42.7 million — will flex more spending power than any other minority group in the U.S., according to the Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia's Terry College of Business. Latino disposable income will swell to $863.1 billion this year, up 8.1% from 2006, the Selig Center estimates.

"You couple that with the fact that the average Latino household has four kids per household — compared to the average household, which has 2.3 — and you're looking at a huge opportunity," said Carlos Conejo, president of Multicultural Associates, which specializes in helping companies sell to multicultural markets in the U.S. "It's a huge, untapped market.",1,693312.story?coll=la-headlines-business&ctrack=1&cset=true

The article goes on to mention Martha's company:

Five years ago, Martha Barrios began selling bilingual books and stuffed toys, called Frijolitos, at book fairs and small shops in Southern California. Each time, she said, Albondiga the mariachi dog and Picadillo the armadillo sold out. The company also has received orders from around the country through its website, at .

The tiny, family-owned company finally broke even last year, and Barrios said that fiscal rewards were sure to follow as long as there was a need for bilingual books and toys.

"We couldn't say we're successful at this point," Barrios said, "but we're successful in the concept of what we have."

One of my favorite dichos in Spanish is Quien sabe dos lenguas vale por dos... which loosely translates that you're twice as better if you speak two languages.

Viva la cultura!------------------

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Professional Crushes (The first of a series)

You know how Oprah has her list of favorites? Well, I have my list too but since I'm such a romantic, it goes beyond favorites. I have flat out professional crushes on these folks.

In no specific order, here are 6 that jump to the top of my head:

1. Kendall Summerhawk
I want to be Kendall when I grow up! Besides having a last name almost as cool as Marmolejo (LOL), she manages to blend the savvy and experience of a true entrepreneur with the soul of a coach. I never was into horses before, but reading her book Brilliance Unbridled and seeing her metaphors weave together, I simply love her. Plus, unlike many business book writers, THIS WOMAN CAN ACTUALLY WRITE.

Her home study course, "How to Charge What You're Worth And Get It" is one of the best info products I've ever gotten (and I have shelves of binders of info products!)
Check her out.

2. Kathy Cano Murillo, AKA Crafty Chica
I can go on and on about this amazing woman. She's the morphing of Frida Kahlo and Rachel Ray, with Martha's attention to detail. Add a heavy dose of glitter, some Day of the Dead skulls, and you've got this revolutionary chica with a heart of gold. And yes, that is her standing behind a cardboard cutout of herself at the recent Crafters and Hobby Convention held here in Anaheim.

3. Andy Spyros, of Handmade GalleriesHandmade Galleries is my favorite store of all time. Andy Spyros, the owner, has created a community of artists and their wares displayed amazingly by Cathy Callahan, another professional crush. The store is on the Ventura Blvd strip in LA, the Valley's own version of Melrose.

Melrose? Rodeo Drive? Fergeddit. Walk into those stores and if you aren't dripping in the latest bling, they won't give you the time of day. Walk into Handmade, and they'll smile, feed you candy, and treat you like an old friend.

4. Michele PW
A few years ago, Michele Pariza Wacek was just another nutty copywriter going from feast to famine with jobs galore, then the drought of no business. She got her you know what together with the help of some superstars in the coaching world, and now she is raking it in, traveling to cool places, and still a wonderful genuine person. She even sent me a bath kit for Christmas! Love her.

And figure this one out... she taught herself to read at age 3. And her dog writes his own blog. Where does all this genius originate?

5. Anita Larson, The Web Muse
I always recommend people to Anita for the great work she does. The woman is amazing. We have never met in person, but for the past 3 years or so have enjoyed a great professional relationship and friendship. She takes at least 4 vacations a year (usually involving her riding a Harley) and has a booming business. She has a heart of gold, but takes no BS. Love her for that!

6. My kick butt clients. They inspire me each and every day. In fact, this week alone I got 5 totally unsolicited testimonials and compliments. That made me feel great knowing how we've all helped each other grow.


Friday, February 02, 2007

Getting Over Being Fired

I think we've all been fired from a job at least one time in life, and often that sour experience serves as the impetus for taking new steps in life. In the February issue of Latina Magazine, you can read about my story. Here's a little sneak peek:

I had a horrible situation when I was a teacher. After being ordered on bedrest by my doctor during a difficult pregnancy, I missed the last quarter of the school year. The principal, who I can only kindly describe as a micro-managing control freak, found it terribly inconvenient to have to deal with the personal travails of certain staff members. So after the school year ended, I received a letter from personnel saying my position was eliminated and my employment terminated.

Pregnant hormonal women are not ones to mess with.

After having to go through a bureaucratic nightmare, I was able to rightly recover my job. When I returned to school in September, I was 7 months pregnant and advised by my doctor to take it as easy as possible. He wrote a letter stating that I needed to be able to teach seated from a podium, to avoid unnecessary strain and stress.

So guess what my principal did?

He kicked me out of my ground floor classroom (across from the ladies room which was a godsend if you've ever been pregnant)and relocated me clear across campus to the 3rd floor of a building with a broken elevator. To top it off, the storage closets and cupboards in the room were covered with rodent feces.

To say I wasn't feeling the love is an understatement.

After much fighting and struggling, I finally got what I wanted but only after having to put forth the majority of the effort.

The only song humming in my head that whole time was "Take This Job and Shove It".

When my daughter was born, this horrible job along with her severe health issues made it an easy decision to burn the bridges behind me and start my business.

I haven't looked back since and am amazed at how horrible situations can nudge us to make the moves we may have needed to make years ago.

You can read a shorter version of this dramatic saga in the February 2007 issue of Latina Magazine, the article "Getting Over Being Fired" by Shera Dalin.

P.S. Reggaeton Superstar Daddy Yankee coincidentally appears on the cover of Latina each time I'm in it. Am I being followed? You decide. Read the Loca Diaries for my take on this intense affinity he has for me.