Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Creativity in Business: Yes, it can be taught!

Everyone has the capability of being a creative thinker and entrepreneurs are some of the most creative minds around.

Now experts have tangible proof that creativity can not only be taught in business, but that it is sorely needed in business schools worldwide according to this release from Georgia's Kennesaw State University.

Creativity in Business Can be Taught, Experts Say

New Center for Business Innovation and Creativityat Coles College of Business at KSU is Only One of its Kind in the Southeast
Date Released: 01/23/2007

“Creativity in business can be taught,” says Harry Vardis, co-director of the newly-established Center for Business Innovation and Creativity. “Once people learn to expand their comfort zone and take risks, they become more innovative, and contribute to their companies’ growth.”

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Monday, January 22, 2007

MySpace for Marketing

I am changing my tune regarding MySpace.

Several months ago a friend of mine (who I consider a great marketer in her field) suggested I get on MySpace. When I thought of MySpace all I could imagine were teenagers posting pickups for one another, scary sexy pics of themselves, etc.

I consulted with a mentor of mine and she sent me an article saying MySpace was a complete and total waste of time for businesses to use as a marketing tool. So I left it alone and didn't pick it up.

I had started an account but let it linger in wasteland until one day in December when my stepdaughter sent me an invite to be her "friend" on MySpace. She found me and suddenly I was interested in it all over again. My niece helped me add color to the page and I'm still learning all the bells and whistles as I go along.

(Suggestion: find a kid to help you put your MySpace page together. They seem to know how to do it in their sleep)

My first friends were my college age nieces, my 2 stepdaughters, and my friend Kathy. Not a crowd, but a start.

After looking at how Kathy utilized MySpace to build platform and sell books, I realized that a segment of my target market was all over MySpace. I also realized that I could maximize MySpace to try things out that speak to a more popular audience, namely my creativity resources. I looked at her friends list and found many authors whose work I love, plus people who embrace the creative side of life.

When I switched my business focus from creativity coaching to entrepreneurial/marketing coaching, I felt a loss for the creativity folks who loved my Loca Rituals, etc. They weren't looking for high end coaching and I had a hole in my heart not being able to serve them anymore. So this MySpace page will most likely evolve into the creativity resources that used to be my primary focus of Comadre Coaching.

MySpace is a haven for creative people. Authors, artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, DIY's, and many others have carved a happy home for themselves on MySpace.

Yes, I get the occasional sleazy invite to be a "friend", but that is not any less common than the Viagra spams I get in my email every day.

If you're a straight laced all business/no play type of person, then maybe it's not for you. But if you have a personality that you're not afraid to hide behind a blue suit facade, then try MySpace out and see what it does for you.

It's about relationship building... and isn't that the best marketing tool there is?

Come visit me on MySpace and be my friend!


Monday, January 15, 2007

What does a great day in your business look like to you?

When you have your own business, the concept of a perfect day can vary as widely as the interests and talents of entrepreneurs.

I was just talking to my friend Anita and we both shared how grateful we are to have flexibility with our schedules so we can be there for family and friends. A great day is one where you can leave your desk without worry, attend a child's recital or care for a sick friend, and then return when you can and pick up from there.

Sometimes a great day for me is one where the phone rings off the hook (You like me! You really like me!) other times it is a quiet day where I can write and no one bothers me. Ahhh, how I appreciate silence!
And because of where I live, a great day can be playing hooky and running off to Disneyland with my daughter! (That's her having a perfect day with Fairy Godmother)

How would you describe a great day in your business?
  • What is the energy level?
  • Are you with people or on your own?
  • Do you get things accomplished or is your mind creating new ideas?
Click the little comment icon below and let's start sharing.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Annual Business Tune Up

Hispanic Business magazine just published a Businessweek article with tips on giving your business an annual tune up. Tip #1: Review Your Systems. Whether you're a micro business, a solopreneur or a mid size company, this is always the best place to start.
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My New Year Intentions are Already Coming True

In a recent issue of my ezine The Pocket Comadre, I asked readers to keep my mom in their prayers as she is battling colon cancer. The love and support that came back to us was beautiful and amazing. My New Year intention is to surround myself with awesome people- what great proof that my intention is already true! You can read more on this on my personal blog:

Monday, January 01, 2007

State Your New Year Intentions and Make Them Happen

Even though in theory we can turn over a new leaf on any old day, January 1 carries with it a clean slate. We put an empty calendar on the wall and everything seems possible.

I'm not one for New Year Resolutions, I prefer to state New Year intentions. I focus on a positive end result and work towards that, rather than focus on a negative result and work to avoid it. For example:

POSITIVE: This year I will make more money with less effort.
NEGATIVE: This year I won't lose money or work so hard.

Do you see the difference? Can you FEEL the difference when you say it? I'm much more motivated by positive encouragement than negative micromanaging and my business always does better when I work from that place.

Here are some of my intentions for 2007, feel free to comment and add your own. Many of these are carryovers that I need to focus on continually. I can't give them up whether I'm already achieving them or not, much as I'd like to give up sit-ups but just know I can't.


1. I attract the coolest clients imaginable. They balance focus and commitment with a sense of humor and positive attitude. They understand that investing in their businesses with services like mine pays off tenfold. They refer like crazy and it's a win-win lovefest.

2. I spend my time wisely. (I always have to put this one!) I focus on efforts that utilize my genius strengths, and I get more done in less time by delegating and staying organized.

3. I have a systemized approach to marketing my business. I keep a calendar of marketing strategies to implement each month.

4. I choose my mentors wisely. I seek out mentors who walk their talk, and live and work in integrity.

5. I know my priorities. My spiritual self, family, health, and cherished relationships come first. Business fits in around that.

6. I network wisely. Just as I choose my mentors carefully, I also network carefully no matter how much I love chicken lunches.

7. I choose joint venture partners with care. See above criteria for mentors and networks.

8. I understand the value of my knowledge and work. Things that come easy to me are easy to give away for free if I don't understand the value. When I set boundaries around my knowledge, I educate others on the value of my services.

9. My work is a joy. It is fun all the time. I delegate out or eliminate un-fun things.

10. I celebrate every day that I am my own boss, that my creativity is unlimited, and that my work is medicine for others. I make the world a better place by helping business owners put their medicine out in the world. The lovefest continues.

Happy New Year!