Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Business Search Engine Takes the Pain Out of Market Research

On a regular basis, clients and potential clients come to me with great ideas for businesses, products, services, books... you name it.

We play a connect the dots game to make sure there are people out there who will buy this awesome idea. We call this market research.

Market research isn't easy and simply going on Google and entering what you think is your target market or product category can get you anything from a personals website to a Google AdWords farm.

I like the service by Northern Light. It's a business search engine that takes you to white papers and other specialized documents filled with statistics, trends, and forecasts. Yummy! It will save you hundreds of hours of having to look at unrelated pages and take you right to the info you need.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Marketing Tool: Creating a Marketing Calendar That You'll Really Use

Do you plan your marketing efforts or are you still engaging in seat of the pants marketing? Many small business owners go to extremes with marketing calendars- they either completely avoid them, or they plan too much too far in advance.

A monthly marketing calendar will give you an idea of how much you can actually accomplish in a month. This article by marketing expert Laura Lake of About.com explains how to use a marketing calendar, and also has a handy download of one you can start using today.

Sit down and plan the next month's marketing efforts. Hold yourself accountable and be realistic about what you can do and by when. Remember to delegate the piddly tasks and stay focused on your genius work.

Follow this link to get to the article


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Telemundo's 'Chicas' Program Embraces Marketers

From www.AdAge.com

Telemundo's 'Chicas' Program Embraces Marketers
P&G, Others Cut Integration Deals With Reality Show

By Laurel Wentz

Published: December 06, 2006

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- Five major marketers are being written into a lifestyle-based reality show debuting next month on Telemundo's Mun2. The revamped NBC
'Chicas' Yasmin (above) and Crash regularly use T-Mobile products in the show.
Universal-owned cable channel is targeting the fast-growing young and bicultural Hispanic market that has become a hot demographic for advertisers.

Crash and Yasmin
"The Chicas Project" features Mun2 VJs Crash, who is half Mexican and half German, and Yasmin, a Venezuelan-born New Yorker. In the first episode, airing Jan. 27, they go skydiving. In later shows, the two young women attend an etiquette class, make dinner for singer Nelly Furtado and do a "Latina Eye for the White Guy" makeover of an Anglo Mun2 employee to give him some Latin style.

The marketers, who will be integrated in different ways, are Toyota Motor Sales USA, Procter & Gamble's Always, T-Mobile, Pepsi-Cola and Maybelline-Garnier.

Toyota Camry
During the show, Crash and Yasmin stay in touch using their T-Mobile Sidekick phones and share a Toyota Camry. The marketers are clients of Hispanic agency Conill, Los Angeles, a champion of the project.

"People almost live out of their cars [in Los Angeles]," said Joe A. Bernard, VP-network sales for Mun2. "One of them isn't from L.A., so she relies on the GPS feature. And in various shots you see the cup holder in the car, showcasing the car and Pepsi."

There are also references to the Pepsi Musica website, created by Omnicom's Dieste Harmel & Partners. For P&G, promotion is outside the program and centers around the Always website, Beinggirl.com. "Crash and Yasmin talk about tips and information from the site in separate pods in commercial time," Mr. Bernard said.

In pursuit of the same young and bicultural audience as Mun2, MTV relaunched its previously insignificant Hispanic channel this fall, changing its name from MTV Espanol to MTV Tr3s (pronounced "MTV Tres").

Nancy Marmolejo on Entrepreneur's Radio Show

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Neil and Barbara Bry's radio show, The Entrepreneur's Guide to the Galaxy. They also go by the name "I'm There For You Baby" and there is this whole "baby" cult around it that I love. Not baby as in "waa-waa", more like Austin Powers baby. You have to listen in to appreciate it! My segment is a few minutes into the show, I gave the story of Comadre Coaching as well as some info on the meteoric rise of Latina business owners. Go Latinas!

Turn up your speakers and enjoy the ride, baby!


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Self Identity: Hispanic/Latino Widely Accepted but Multiethnic is Used

Source: Copyright (c) 2006, The Arizona Daily Star, Tucson. Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Business News.

Self Identity: Hispanic/Latino Widely Accepted, but Multiethnic is Used
December 5, 2006

Lourdes Medrano -- Arizona Daily Star

Hispanic, Latino, Chicano, Xicano, Mexican or Mexican American?

J.J. Federico said he can wear most of those ethnic labels comfortably, although he prefers Mexican American and Latino.

"In my opinion, there isn't just one ethnic identity," the 20-year-old said.

The views of Federico, who was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Nogales, Ariz., match those in a wide-ranging survey of the nation's largest ethnic-minority group.

The Latino National Survey found that the so-called pan-ethnic identity of Hispanic/Latino has gained wider acceptance among people who trace their roots to Spanish-speaking countries. But the study also found that most of the 8,600 respondents identified with multiple identities.

"There was a simultaneous strong sense of pan-ethnic identity, national original identity and American-ness," concluded the summer study conducted in 15 states -- including Arizona --and the Washington Metropolitan area.

John Garcia, a UA political science professor who spearheaded the survey with five colleagues from other universities, said the rising presence of a pan-ethnic identity cuts across age, national origin and education.

"It's an added dimension of who you are," he said. "A lot of it is being reinforced by mixed connections" between Hispanics of different backgrounds, as well as by the pervasiveness of the pan-ethnic labels in mainstream society.

Read the entire article here (Includes diverse viewpoints and stats)


Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Triple Bottom Line (3BL)

The triple bottom line movement in business is gaining steam as threats of global warming make EVERYONE rethink the way we do things. Will "business as usual" now mean taking into account PEOPLE, PLANET, & PROFITS? Those are the 3 P's of the triple bottome line.

Small business owners and large companies alike can examine their business models to measure the impact they make on their communities, the earth, and their bank accounts. TriplePundit.com is a blog dedicated to the concept... your next great idea may be one inspired by this concept.

description: Serving people, planet and profit: An 'integrated bottom-line' approach to looking at business from the next generation of MBAs

Friday, December 01, 2006

Book Yourself Selectively

Here is an article written by my cyber comadre Maya Talisman Frost. Maya is an American meditation teacher currently living in Buenos Aires. Her insights on the frantic need for us to stay busy and booked solid provide great points for reflection. Her contact info is at the end of the article.

Book Yourself Selectively
by Maya Talisman Frost

While it is certainly powerful to leave your country in order to see it more clearly, there are manycultural aspects you can view with greater clarity without ever steppingoutside your front door.

For example, today is Buy Nothing Day in the US, an intentional opportunity to refrain from the traditional day-after- Thanksgiving shopping spree. Instead of hitting the malls at dawn, individuals are encouraged to spendtime at home puttering or playing,sleeping or creating, connecting withwhatever they already HAVE insteadof fulfilling their desire to do or buyMORE.In other words, it's a good time to just be. And the more time I spendoutside the US (several years at thispoint) the more I see that Americansare just not good at that.

What'sworse is that we goad each other intocontinuing to do/buy more becauseof our culture's tendency to be verycompetitive.There's a website I have visitedthat sort of sums up this approach. It's called "Book Yourself Solid" and it offers strategies to help coaches/consultants build a full, thriving practice with a long waiting list of clients.

I don't want to pick on Michael Portor his website--he actually does have a sense of humor and approaches his own work with great lightness. But I DO want to poke a little funat his "Book Yourself Solid" idea.Are we really supposed to book ourselves solid?

Is filling up our schedules--in businessand in life--the end goal? Hmmm. I don't think so. The only way you should be "booked solid" is if you make sureto fill your calendar with plentyof hours marked "relax," "play,"and "daydream."Down time isn't wasted time--it's essential for creativity. If you're spending every moment of every day doing, you're losing. Losing. Ooh, isn't that a loaded word?We don't like to think we might belosing out, losing time, or--yikes--becoming a loser. But when we focus on avoiding losing time or losing opportunities for more "doing" we end up feeling lost.

One of the greatest skills we candevelop as humans is the ability to reflect. As it turns out, reflectionisn't something that occurs naturallywhen we're in go-go mode. It's just not easy to reflect and run ameeting at the same time.Reflection allows us to see if what we are doing is what's best for us in a Big Picture way.

Packing your schedule with clients, meetings, or extracurricular activities isn't likely to boost your health, your relationships oryour ability to connect."Book Yourself Solid" might be a fine mantra for someone mindlessly pursuing a lifestyle that someoneelse has deemed successful, but it'sa lousy credo for anyone who doesn'twant to feel lost in the process.

Book Yourself Selectively.

Make sure you've got plenty of time for reflection. Open your eyes and see the Big Picture.And pay attention to your own need to be competitive simply for the sake of being competitive. Skip the shopping today and reflect on what it means to create a life in which you cannot lose. It might be your best gift EVER.


Maya Talisman Frost has taught thousands of people how to pay attention.Through her company, Real-World Mindfulness Training, she teaches playful, eyes-wide-open alternatives to meditation.To read her free tips and tricks for practical awareness, visit http://www.Real-WorldMindfulness.com.(C) Copyright 2006, Maya Talisman Frost


New Data Repaints Demographic Picture of U.S. Hispanics

From Advertising Age:

At the ANA: Latest Findings of Latino Identity Project
By Laurel Wentz
Published: November 14, 2006

LOS ANGELES (AdAge.com) -- U.S. marketers are not effectively reaching the burgeoning population of U.S. Hispanics because, said Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies Chairman Carl Kravetz, most marketers "are not speaking" that demographic's language -- but he made clear he was not talking about Spanish. ... FULL ARTICLE