Monday, October 30, 2006

UpLevel Your Business

I highly recommend the work of Kelly O'Neill, a master business and marketing strategist. In February she's hosting her UpLevel Business Intensive, a 3 day seminar that will truly take your business to the next level.

Kelly has a great offer, a 50% off discount that expires November 1. I've attended this and it kicks butt. When you sign up, be sure to tell her Nancy sent you... I'll make sure she treats you extra special.

Click here to learn more about the UpLevel Intensive.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Are You in the 45% Club? New Work at Home Stats

Just read an interesting article on the rise of home based businesses. According to an article by Scott Blake in Florida Today:

Home-based businesses accounted for 56 percent of all women-owned firms; 56 percent of all American Indian- and Alaska native-owned firms; 53 percent of all black-owned firms; 53 percent of all Native Hawaiian- and Pacific Islander-owned firms; and 45 percent of all Hispanic-owned firms.

So what are we all doing at home?

Four industries accounted for the largest share of home-based businesses: professional, scientific and technical services (19 percent); construction (16 percent); retail trade (11 percent); and personal, repair and maintenance services (10 percent).

You can read the entire article here:

Entrepreneurs use own seed money

(FREE ADVICE FROM THE SAVVY COMADRE: If you have a home based business, remember to set business hours otherwise you'll fall into the trap of the 24/7 workplace. A home is first and foremost a HOME.)

Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Little Info Goes A Long Way: 3 Easy Tools for Information Marketing

Never before in human history has so much information been at our fingertips.

Need a recipe? Get on the web.
Looking for how-to tips? Google your topic.

Successful online marketers know that web surfers are looking for solutions to issues in life, work, business, health, childrearing... you name it.

No matter what type of business you're in, you hold expertise that can be shared online with people who will appreciate every word. Make sure that you embed your business as a solution so when people search for their next steps, your website is where they'll go. Give them a juicy reason to follow up with you like a free download, a coupon, or some other goody.

Here are just a few ways to put information on the web that will further put your name out there and boost your visibility:

1. Blog!
You're getting information from me right now on how to utilize info-marketing techniques. Blogs are so incredibly easy to write, it's no different than writing an email. If you want to start off for free and see if you're into it, you can't beat Blogger. Paid options give you more nifty bells and whistles - the most recommended is TypePad.

2. Articles
Over 2 years ago I submitted 3 articles to over 50 websites and article directories. Today, those same 3 articles are on over 300 websites and I continue to get reprint requests. Since then I've submitted several more articles which have resulted in thousands of web visitors and ezine subscribers. Establish yourself as an expert with high quality content, pertinent tips, and of course make sure you lace in some reason for them to visit your website!
Check out Ezine Articles to learn the rules of the game.

3. Podcasts
Think you have what it takes to share your message on the airwaves? Podcasting is exploding and rightly so. It is citizen media at its best, a free and easy platform for your information to reach millions instantly. You don't need fancy equipment or expensive programs, in fact my first podcasts were simply recorded phone calls. Don't let the geek talk stop you. I suggest you go to Audio Acrobat and give their 30 day free trial a go. They make it easy, accessible, and have great support.

No matter what field you're in, you have valuable information to share. Reflect on the most frequently asked questions you get and turn that information into an online resource that can generate more web traffic, more business, and greater visibility.

If you're ready to see tangible results in business and life, then maybe it's time you check out Comadre Coaching. Right now you can get a free special report "5 Costly Mistakes Latinas Make in Business... And How to Completely Avoid Them" when you become a Pocket Comadre subscriber. Visit to get started.