Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blogging for Dollars

We blog, therefore we are.

However, in order to BE comfortably, it sure doesn't hurt to have a roof over your head.

So for all you bloggers who wonder if you're wasting your time with your posts and not contributing to the family income, check out this easy checklist of ways to make money on a blog.


I don't think you have to be ALL nuts and bolts to monetize a blog. My personal blog is there to let people get to know the woman behind the business. It's where I get to walk my talk, which is essential if you dare to call yourself a coach. If a client is going to open up to a coach, better it be one she can relate to.

Then again, not everyone cares about what offbeat movies my offbeat husband shows our unique little daughter when it's babysitting time. They may just want some simple, information like monetizing blogs.


See how it comes full circle and works for everyone?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Costco Without The Lines?

Being the independent entrepreneur that I am, I always cringe a bit when my "bigger" colleagues go flat out bonkers in their quest to dominate the world. What's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding I ask?

Amazon.com now has Amazon Groceries. Super Saver shipping on your favorite breakfast foods, non-perishable foods, etc.

Why? Well, I know why but i just had to ask.

I'm a total online diva, but c'mon Amazon. You've effectively killed the independent booksellers, now you're after the mom and pop grocers? And look at the size of those boxes- maybe they're after the demise of Costco!

This is like Godzilla -vs- the Smog Monster.

My question to you:
Would you buy your groceries from Amazon? I suppose Target has accustomed us to buying toothpaste, shoes, and drills in one fell swoop, maybe this echoes of that trend.

The Savvy Comadre's Blog Roll

I sometimes feel like I'm this one woman campaign to educate Latina entrepreneurs on the power of blogs. Just think of them like a newspaper- if you were given a regular writing assignment what would it be? The calendar? Long winded editorials? Sidebars? Reviews? Recipes?

Your blog can be all those and more. The best way for you to learn about blogs is to put on your adventure gear and jump into Bloglandia. Here are a few that I like~~~~~~~~~

Business Blogs: Quick and to the point
Get Known Now How to Get Known in Your Field
Andy Wibbels "The Blogging Evangelist" (and no, not in an organized religion sense of the word)
Build a Better Blog (a blog about why you need a blog- perfecto!)
Get Slightly Famous (great on niche marketing)

Find more biz blogs from The Marketing Sherpa's 2006 Best Blogs Awards

Inspiring, Informative, and Powered by Latinas!
A little personal, a little promotional, a little business.
Latina Lista
Crafty Chica
Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez
The Loca Diaries (had to sneak mine in here)
Maria Sanchez's Bloggeria
Marta Acosta

Now go and play this game:
Do a Google search on your industry or interest plus the word blog. Chances are you'll find an amazing world of self-styled journalists telling their stories and putting new information in your hands.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

All I Need is a Good Strong... Verb

My 20 year old niece just sent me an email politely begging for help getting a resume together. She's in college, needs work to make ends meet, and of course I told her I'd help.


I went off to the kitchen and washed the breakfast dishes, pondering the power of verbs.
Why not strong adjectives? I asked myself.

As I scrubbed the brown rings of tea from my oversized mug, I had a startling realization.

Adjectives are a bit... manipulative. (But I'm totally addicted- look how many I've used so far!)

They are the building blocks of BS euphemisms that lure home seekers to see a "quaint countrylike cottage on a large parcel" (read: "small rundown shack on a weed ridden toxic lot")

Strong verbs may have an element of BS to them too, but hey , they're verbs. Verbs can kick an adjective's butt any ol' day of the week.

I did a GREAT job on that project.
I EXCELLED at that project.

Great job? That's what my 3rd grade teacher wrote with a happy face on my spelling test.
Excelled? Wow, that one I had to wait many years for.

I mention all this because in a recent copywriting class I took, it was all about strong verbs.

So whether it's for your resume or your web copy, IMPLEMENT, GOVERN, AND SCRUTINIZE these strategies. Let me know what pops up.

Here are a few good lists to get you started:



Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Women Owned Businesses on the Rise

Well, comadres, you're in good company. Here's a short clip on the rise of women owned businesses from ABC TV:
They mention Lulu's Desserts (love that flan!), but failed to mention that Latina owned businesses have increased by over 60% in the last decade.

I got that stat from the Center for Women's Business Research . Check out their website for more great info on women owned businesses.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Does Selling Make You Feel Like a Sellout?

Making others buy things from you.

Do those words trigger un poquito de stress and tension in you? Although most people will admit "public speaking" as their greatest fear, I think that "selling" isn't too far behind.

That poses a problem when you have a business and your income depends on closing a new client. All of my Latina baggage comes out when I'm in an uncomfortable "selling" situation: what do they think of me, am I being too pushy, why won't they just say YES and end my misery?

I just came across an interesting article that looks at sales from a less macho perspective, if I dare say that. Funny thing is it's written by a man, but today he gets honorary mujer status from me. His name is Ari Galper and his article is entitled 7 Ways to Stop "Selling" and Start Building Relationships. You can read it here:

I like what he says- it's building a new paradigm in the world of selling. Rather than force the sale, cultivate the relationship.

What do you think? Drop me a line on the comments below and share your thoughts.