Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Do Spam Filters Hate Your Emails?

Laurie Beasley, of Beasley Direct Marketing offers these tips on how to avoid the spam filters and get your e-mail delivered:

1.Clean up your e-mail lists by removing bounces, correct address typos, update addresses, and reduce unnecessary volume demands by removing those who don't open your e-mails or by breaking up large lists.

2.Avoid the use of CAPS in the subject line

3.Avoid the words free, promise you, no fee, no obligation, money-back guarantee, special, promotion, call now, call today

4.Avoid Click Here (use visit, select, or go to, instead)

5.Don't mention toll free numbers. Just use the number, without the deadly "toll free."

6.Don't use "Register Today" (However, "Register Now" seems to be OK. Spam filters are sensitive to the word "Today.")

7.Avoid these top ten words: diet, free, spam, income, instant(ly), profit(s), subscribe, amaz(ed)(ing), guarantee(d), and $$$/money/dollar(s)


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Google News Alerts : Justified Ego Surfing

They used to call it Ego Surfing, but now it's good marketing!

C'mon, I know you've done it... you type your name into a search engine and see if you come up. I did this a few years back before I had a website and found out the publisher of a book I contributed to was looking for me. Lucky me, I got my bio in the book.

Now I can put my name in Google or Yahoo or whatever search engine and it pops up all over the place, mainly due to the articles I have out there. But now I don't even have to do that anymore, I just let Google News Alerts handle it for me.

Google News Alerts is a free service that allows you to identify keywords and search phrases, then whenever those words come out in the news or on the web, you get an email with links and short descriptions.

Need fresh blog material? Use keywords for your industry or target market and post links to the articles they send you.

How 'bout an ego boost? Type in your name and get alerts every time your name comes out in the news. (Sorry, they can't filter out scandalous stories so behave yourself!)

Still hooked on Brangelina? (that's so last month, but whatever) Maybe you're a trend watcher or a stargazer and need some celebrity dish to liven up your life. Or maybe you can use that info to further your business... be creative and have fun!

Want to scope out what your competition is up to? Add their name to your list and get the cyber scoop. Maybe you can find out about collaboration opportunities for a real win-win.

From an experienced user, here are some tips to make this worthwhile:

1) Go to Google Alerts and set up an account. They won't spam you but who knows, maybe their big brother spiders are infiltrating your private world... that's another post altogether. Just kidding. Sign up.

2) Pick out some keywords to monitor. Pick your name, your business name, a phrase that describes your target market, an issue, a person... make sure you just use one word or phrase per line.

3) Pick how frequently you want these. I don't advise "as it happens". I pick once a day for most topics, once a week for others.

4) Here's a tip I had to learn on my own: if you know how to make folders in your email program and filter messages into those folders, do that. Make a Google Alert folder and let them all congregate there. Your inbox can get crowded if you don't do that.

Way easy, que no?

Try it out, comment below if you're already doing it.


Monday, June 19, 2006

My Blog heroes and money for you!

This morning I interviewed Marisa Trevino (wish i knew how to type in the "enye" letter on her last name) of Latina Lista and I can't wait to get her up on Release Your Inner Loca! We had a great discussion on creating your own media to put new points of view out.

Money for you:
If you're not familiar with online affiliate programs, you are missing out on some easy money. In fact, just this weekend I got a check in the mail from Spam Arrest. I use their service (love it) and I didn't even know that I was an affiliate! Turns out people who have been stopped at the Spam Arrest Gate trying to contact me decided it would be good to sign up too. And lucky me I just got a little commission!

Passive income= very good thing.

You can get started on a passive revenue stream by signing up for my new affiliate program. All you have to do is send people my way using your unique affiliate link. I'll even send you samples of emails and ads you can use. I spoil my affiliates like crazy with freebies and coaching opportunities. Get started on your journey today:
Comadre Coaching Affiliate Program

Also, Coach Catherine my podcast partner has a couple of teleseminars coming up that you can check out at http://www.coachbalance.com/events-from-BLC.html


Friday, June 16, 2006

Are you AD/HD or a Born Visionary?

I think Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (AD/HD) runs in my family.

We're "busy" people. My brother is world famous for his unconscious foot shaking (we actually dreamt up a device that could heat a small oven with his hyper movements), I'm the idea bouncy bounce queen, my mom is off the charts all over the place, my dad had a new business idea every day, my daughter is Turbo Girl. My siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, tios, tias, grandparents buzz with the same energy... damn, we ought to be Super Heroes!

I just found this great article that compares AD/HD with the traits of an entrepreneur. So before someone calls you flaky, unfocused, or "burdened with a busy mind", have them read this. Here's the link one more time in case your attention was elsewhere two sentences ago when I wrote it.
Tee hee. ADD humor.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Is a Writer an Entrepreneur? Tips on Making Money as a Writer

I got an email from a writer who wondered whether she qualified for my coaching program. She wasn't sure if she was an entrepreneur. She's a freelance writer.

So my response is this: you're an entrepreneur if you're making a living by your own hand, and not under the thumb of an employer. Technically a freelance writer is under the instructions of the client, but look at what you call yourself: FREElance. Not I work for FREElance, but rather I am FREE. That's what being an entrepreneur is all about: writing your own rules, working with the people you LOVE, and creating a great life for yourself.

Same goes for poets, novelists, fiction writers, biographers, technical writers, and ghostwriters. If you are good enough to make people pay you for your work, then mi querida you have a business and that makes you an entrepreneur.

Regardless of what you do for a living, whether you're a writer or not, when you're running the show you actually have 2 major jobs:

1) Performing the service or selling the product of your business (writing that article, for example)


2) Marketing your business.

The biggest problem so many writers and artists have in sustaining themselves with their creative gifts is the inability to market themselves. Below this post are a couple of books you may want to check out.

You can also tune up your business owner mindset by joining a creative, dynamic tribe of Latina entrepreneurs in my Inner Circle Coaching Program. Find out more on that here.


Monday, June 12, 2006

We Don't Got to Show You No Stinkin' Brochures

Is the brochure a thing of the past?

Personally, I don't have one. My main goal is to get people to my website and there are less expensive ways to do that than the traditional trifold.

This all came to mind after reading an article on making a marketing kit by Laura Lake at www.About.com.
Agree or disagree:
Brochures? We don't got to show you no stinkin' brochures.
Share your comments below.


Friday, June 09, 2006

MySpace.com for Small Business

OK, I keep hearing conflicting arguments on this one.

My comadre tells me a few months back that MySpace.com is a great place for small businesses to network and market themselves. Now I have to admit, she is an author and her business is writing books for the creative minded market. I think that authors need to build their platforms so that makes sense.

I went to MySpace and tried setting up an account and then I had a client call, other projects to work on and I don't think I got past the initial profile creation. Almost instantly I started getting pick up emails from strangers. (Note : sadly, the word "Latina" usually attracts sickos w/ objectification tendencies)

Yesterday I was talking to my business strategist and I told her I was thinking of using MySpace as a marketing tool. She asked 2 questions then gave an opinion:
1. Do you use MySpace? (No)
2. Do you have proof that your target market is looking for services and support like yours on MySpace? (No, not really. Well, I saw a blog posting once... then my friend said... OK, no. )
3. Opinion: "Nancy, this is a HUGE bright shiny object. Major distraction. Move on."

Here is an article she sent me to read.

I need your comments.

Is MySpace a great marketing spot or just a pick up place where girls like my nieces say they're 35 year old housewives from Topeka? (I have a strange family).

See that little comment link below? Click it.